Industry Partners

Film Clayton is known throughout the Georgia film industry for its ability to help location managers find properties that help their projects stay on time and within budget. The office provides location scouting, permitting, and pre- and post-production assistance to filmmakers for features and television productions.

Production Process

Film Clayton is the first point of contact for all filming activity within Clayton County, Georgia. This includes all county-owned property, properties within its seven cities (College Park, Forest Park, Jonesboro, Lake City, Lovejoy, Morrow, Riverdale), all privately-owned property and local businesses.

To ensure your project is executed as efficiently as possible, all production companies must register their projects at least 5 working days in advance with Film Clayton.  A standard $350 processing fee will be collected at the time of submission and is non-refundable.  Failure to submit the registration form at least 10 days before filming will result in a mandatory $150 non-refundable rush processing fee in addition to our standard $350 processing fee. Please note that this process does not guarantee that your application will be approved. Once you have decided upon a filming location (public or private) in Clayton County, Georgia, please register your project with our office using the online film registration at least 5 business days prior to the first planned day of prep. Film Clayton understands the confidential nature of your film project and will communicate to all parties the importance of safeguarding any sensitive information.  To ensure we are able to provide our expertise to help keep your project uninterrupted, on-time and within budget, it is necessary that we know you are here, so please register your activity with us.


  • Properties within county limits: $350 processing fee
  • Properties within city limits: $350 application processing fee plus any city permitting fees. For more information regarding city permitting fees, please contact our office at 678-610-4242.
  • Any registration made with less than 10 days before filming date will be charged a $150 non-refundable rush fee.

Step 1: Contact Film Clayton

A specialized member of our staff will provide guidance on permitting, logistics, local contacts, and legal requirements. Film Registration is required as part of the pre-production evaluation. Please call our main office at 678-610-4242.

Step 2: Complete a Film Registration Form

Complete the online film registration and attach a shooting schedule and locations list. You will be asked to provide a standard location agreement from your production company for all locations that includes dates of filming (including prep/wrap), fees, and property specifics. For county-owned properties, you may provide your company’s standard agreement, or you may choose to use the standard location agreement provided by Clayton County Government on a fee-per-hour basis. To begin the permission process, please fill out the online film registration.

Step 3: Provide Certificate of Insurance

Please provide a certificate of insurance naming property owner as additional insured. Industry standard minimum is $1 million gen­eral comprehensive for standard filming (this does not include filming that involves firearms or pyrotechnics which requires a special set of regulations–please contact us for further direction). This industry standard certificate of insurance must be on file prior to your first day of production (prep included). A more accurate determination of minimum insurance requirements will be provided upon review of details in your application.

Step 4: Provide Neighborhood Notification Letter

A standard notification letter must be distributed in any residential neighborhood or business district at least 2 weeks prior to filming.

Step 5: Provide/Execute Location Agreement

For filming on Clayton County Government owned property, provide completed location agreement no later than 3 weeks prior to first day of filming. This timeframe is necessary to accommodate the regularly scheduled meetings of the Clayton County Board of Commissioners. The Board meets twice per month. You may provide your company’s standard agreement, or you may choose to use the standard location agreement provided by Clayton County Government on a fee-per-hour basis. For county-owned property, a non-refundable processing fee of $350 is required.

Film Clayton can provide guidance on each property owner’s specific requirements, and whether additional permitting is required within city limits.

Step 6: Production Survey

After your project wraps you will be contacted by a member of the Film Clayton staff to evaluate your experience (please provide a phone number and email on the registration form). Your feedback helps us track the positive economic benefits of your business on the local community. Your reporting helps ensure the future cooperation of our local government to keep the film approval process simple, straightforward, and to keep Film Clayton services and hands-on assistance available to you when you need it.